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Eshu Bless You Now Shoo

I got flies stickin’ to me like honey


I got bitches buzzin’ round me like bees


Fools think this be about money


Motherfuckers step to me please


I’m half-livin’ half-dead like a zombie


I’m half-awake half-asleep like Frere Jacques


Y’all tryin’ to solve me like a zen koan


But you can’t figure out my clock


I’m creepin’ through your days like a nightmare


I’m bouncin’ back and forth on these blocks


Got more data than your motherfuckin’ cloud


You ain’t never catch me slippin’ in my socks


I’m not your symbol clappin’ monkey


I’m not your signifyin’ cock


Fenna blast off into orbit soon


Leave y’all dead on this rock

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