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Depths of an Old Soul


Your depth makes you an unwelcome visitor in these shallow waters.

You’re misunderstood by the human ensemble

And yet so in tune with the hymns of every passerby.

You inhale emotion, eat it raw regardless of the pungent aftertaste.

You speak in metaphors and see in throbbing technicolor

Where everyone else sees in black and white.

You’re surreally aware that the trees are like wise ancestors

Connecting an invisible thread to every living thing.

You’ve witnessed it in your dreams

A place your body and soul separate like oil and water.

You’re the ghost inhabiting a vessel you don’t remember selecting

And it’s here that you’ll learn heart-wrenching lessons that thaw your insides.

Mistakes teach you in shaky rhythms

And you feel them like an earthquake in your bones.

To you, beauty exists in everything that’s overlooked by man

And love never ages the way man does.

You believe in destiny even when you’re scolded for it

And despite your stab wounds you keep fighting to heal others.

Every sunrise is a whisper of opportunity

Which is why you think all humans that walk the earth are capable of greatness

So much so, that you won’t ever stop trying to add color to a gray world.

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