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Fourteen Memo Panic Attack in Reverse


(14) the carpet forgives your mistakes
(13) the rain sounds like a curtain call
(12) when the men you admire turn out to be perverts or suicides, what does it say about you?
(11) family is the blood in your stool
(10) after the body electric hardens into a lump of coal
(9) overindulging on a magic beans income
(8) the moment your video game avatars run out of steam
(7) then your newsfeed vomits pink sawdust
(6) except your student loan providers, who trail you like polite mafia enforcers
(5) the slow money parabola forgets you exist
(4) (clothing optional) like a nude beach party for one
(3) leaving home with every hole exposed
(2) the carpet forgives nothing
(1) run until you touch solid air

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