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2 poems

by Memo Gonzalez


Within these savage inequalities,

Lies the reason I reside where I do.

Explains the tough choices I didn’t make.

Due to its depth, it has become a best-selling story to get out,

Break through, rise out, grow through.


On the red border of these savage inequalities,

I can not see until handed my glasses.

Glasses crafted without my knowledge or acceptance.

There is no depth, only circumstance.

And maybe that’s okay.


Within the arms of love inside these savage inequalities,

I forget everything,

The truth and the lies leave.

Instead, I don’t care.

With my plate of homemade meals, and eyes of my soul around me,

I smile.


Within the arms of love on the red border of these savage inequalities,

I live.

No longer out of survival or fear or pressure, 

But because I want to.


The scorching sun left a mark on my memories.

I don’t ever remember going and bringing a sweater.

Yes, thunderstorms arrived but left faster. Just like me; a few weeks every other year is how I went.

That’s all it took for me to carry that sun with me.

Mixing the sun rays with the food and family is a recipe for eternity.

Though some people have departed, and I more strange,

My eternity is changing shape.

Morphing these past 8 years, it arrived to the next chapter,

All because of you.

Now when I look out at those fields with a mountain backdrop,

I see you.

When I sit at the dinner table, with those I’ve known the longest,

You sit too.

When I reminisce, I’m no longer alone but with your shoulder to cry on.

Alongside the sun,

You touch my memories.

Because you change my life.

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