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Else Packaged Alias

Else packaged to alias, conduit, buffer, partition of empty premise.


Egg lips shatter when kissed.


Expanse arrives in icicles, notable regiments relate.



              Lenient mimics tolerant.



Faint fairy intrudes like friendship.

Satire tamed timing.

              Low inn, cave cabin, chip-pressed logs, cold neck of night air.

Thicket pursuit, sobers doubt.

Shades Tingle

Shades tingle




irregular contortions


   ready lapses


  practiced inflictions


Percolate, stain


repose sheds


   dead skin, dust swept


    External impressions brood




                accidents of aliens


   akin translations seize

Claim in Claps

Conical laceration, puncture phrase sheathed slight,


Occupied insulates, 


By beings, resilient lids, water bottle skin.


Seized errands warrant rake.


Rage pleads erect, increased, evaded,


Attributes devise reverberate slacken.


Balance ponders incomprehensible experience; 


Understood tales.


Pittance advance, illegible hours, captured in murals.


Behind walls predators ravish and sleep for days.


Mouths torched close, lick stone for salt kisses.


Plodding faces claw place.


Relaxation springs and jars, uncoiling hot metals, jelly muscles plume.


Onward, succession of consonants, word nibbles in jars.


Domestic emotion, boiled bone, stock and bread.


Weed stew knifed to green, color and cream.


Rate of rapture rationed, nudes hard as stone, resist sun mouths. 


Turnip nights, moth-winged light, fossil moon.


Hatched, hatchet, wet, lime-line pruned, breath.


Air gulps the size of oysters.


Peacock, peach, ink veins nerve.  Soothe, grate, pulse.


Take a bath; beat a bed, claim in claps.


Mounts that moan, moans that roam, still, slight, still.


Throbbing occupancy, vacant station, plumes of motor smoke depart, flat lined,

       air hard.


Minds tattered to flames arrive laden with accumulations.


Chaotic active knots. Impermeable margins signify content.


Milk antennas, grey glow of living rooms, present information, vaporized retinas.

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