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3 Poems

by Leena Kizilbash

Rather emphasis orients, 


Bustles inflame, engravings root. 


Doubt collides. 


Bold, active body angle, upright






                 fingers under fabric crease.


    Geography of thighs, magnetic muscles snag, fuse, meek.


   Tentacle, timid touch, rune notes pursue.


 Tilled ground, 




                 tumultuous torrent.



Electric Wrap

Sinking roots, violent, violet, fused

     Recoil, revolt, contingent factors cite

Claims of absence presented on signed documents.

More domains dispensed in pensions.

Offshoots resembling guises 

                  garnish and side dish

Reluctant harvest, 

               dew ignition, 

                      wind soup pollen pepper.


Source sentiments divide logic to conditions.





         research references, 

Grid, order, fix, fluid individual factors.


Chance horde, On, oncoming, broadcast via satellite baubles 

Barrier, citizen, ceremony, traditions of disagreement 

The character of present in patents, contention.


Extensive compress punctures through institutions

Communication, coal, match stroke dispatch, commerce credited economies 

Egg decades radiate in half-lives.  


Remedy probe of a populace

       Distance from sudden illness, depression, recession,

Womb market acquisitions, spawn



Sanctioned countries transport barrels, crude, cool liquid, crud

Sandscape, offshore, inland, wheels of bone, skeleton fed industries 

Life expectancies double in a century, 

Erosion, revision, arctic oil plastics, as of resources barter and bait, 

         intermittent switch of category.


Net of hierarchies strain to dissent, coil, ascent, convulse length

Reserve of evasion, aggressive compromise darts, mobile, nuanced, dense.


Limits loosen to plaque, bric-a-brac belief assortments.

Town History




          line blind light.  




       stone wall night.


Automatic alignment of fate like climate


        of storm 

                   whisper in patches 


Less of, 


Sponge pattern mold, shapes silhouette 


Counter exclamations in the language of crickets

Slacked flight, vegetable height, crowds of crows


Scoop, cup, sort to clusters

Pin-tipped spindles curve in the middle

Stock animations of a functional system scintillate.


Blank blaze phrase on fat scraped vellum.

Propaganda praise on pamphlets and stone tablets

Mag words amany. 


Territory strands of rope plates.

Lava rifts, quake quakes,  mountain rises in inches embrace

Populations move to meet, trails taxed in disease, immunity assimilates

Omen, augur, oil extracts rubbed on aches

Oxygen veins of eucalyptus, rose hip, rain.


Paper factory secretes bitter by product clouds.


Hold your nose when the wind blows.

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