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Consider the Dew


(An irreverent, anti-humanist, and ecumenical/interfaith observation)

He must be Patience

He keeps ending us emissaries.

He sends us gurus, ascetics, prophets, saviors, mystics, and ambassadors of peace, love, and wisdom.

He sends us Buddha, and we complain that he is not a good son, husband, or father -too mystical
we say- and note that he really let himself go

He sends us Jesus, and we complain that he is a minor prophet of questionable birth

He sends us Mohammed, and we reject his warrior-like qualities

He sends us Abraham, who we rend into three parts -and squabble over the pieces

He sends us astrological emissaries to witness new birth, and we reduce them to nomad Kings of
no account, superstitious coincidences of no great significance.

He sends us prophets great, small, and notable, and we conspire to discredit them all, one by one.

He invites us to feast at the banquet of a planet, and we decide to stay –until,

          All the appetizers are consumed,
          All the wine is swilled or spilled,
          And -until we can relieve ourselves in the fountains, cisterns and aquifers.

He gave us the knowledge to split atoms, and we promptly proceeded to split each other to bits.

Some claim that He is Love ...that too, but I think more than Love

He must be Patience.

How else can you explain that we are still here?

After all our assaults on Him

He must be Patience.

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