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5 poems

by William Mollohan


statuesque mourning roulette

images ouí reflect

without within mannequin 


horizon’s grey bandit

smerkwhistles round my vanity

sink mirror light


cement griffin gargoyle

spired of my castle whispers

prime primp mas-que-ara-cha-rade


mindful pilgrim grooms 

glamour belt-harnassed rides backseat

facades are for others 


mindful pilgrim conscious traveler

plans unfixed thought unthought

need not redux nay reduction



inner dialogue

with in within



Thereafter    dimness    sunlight scant

Locked doorway    now open    slightly



as near death

begets     birthed    brilliance

Man is child    scrawny


Moments    soon      months


Diapered    cradled    hands caressing

Stumbling mumbling    feeding needed

hands holding    crying some

incoherent tears    family    disrupted


        eventually—    sleeps


brilliance    brightness    brilliance

opposite bedroom    questionable independence

Child into    Man    moments

scatter brain    blossoming    growing




9 o’clock   3 o’clock

Years    sketchy calendars

Work    midday


Later    midday


work    calendars    sketchy years

3 o’clock    9 o’clock


Invincible growing    blossoming

brain scatter    moments

Man    into    child

independence    questionable


Bedroom    opposite

brilliance    brightness

Brilliance sleeps    —eventually


Schedule    disrupted

Family    tears

Incoherent    some




Holding    hands

needed    feeding

Mumbling    stumbling


caressing    hands

Cradled    diapered

Months    soon moments


Scrawny child    is    man


Brilliance bright    birthed begets

Death near    as    passage

slightly   open

Now doorway        locked





no                               horizon

Plaza Horizonal

human race

beyond post-modern—

plaza Now

condition Horizonal

as if

new day’s

Now sunlight

shines on

future present

light traversing

present prism

dispersing beyond

spectral theorem

human existence

around lies

under scores

existánce humane

essence personal

enveloped envelOped

disallowed unveil—


Foyer congregants

welcome all

delineate desti-tunity


driving people    where

situations varied    when

reasons needs wants    what

circumstances thoughts plans    how

destinations    why


raindrops puddles soles and mud

wet dirt sloshes through my toes

barefoot children play

dancing laughing freestyling



just add water

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