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You break me, Yellow.
The words we speak float around us, groundless in the air, 
in the void between our lips
They are meaningless – what made them so empty?

Someone is burning a cinnamon stick - waving it above our heads while you 
kiss pain into my eyes, sighing and laughing.
Cinnamon spice - smoking love spells around us but 
it hurts only me, doesn’t it, yellow. I only say so, because you don’t look affected.

How far are words from the heart of life, yellow?
From what I so desperately needed them to be this time?
You hid when I needed you consecrated 
Your face and your body
are so far away from any god’s lake or mountain, from where I am. 
Waiting. Praying. Dying.

How you crush me, yellow - when you say you know 
you are my favorite color, sighing and laughing.
Pomegranate seeds bursting and bleeding out
Is my heart in your mouth.
Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.


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