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Your Music


Do not die with your music still in you -play your music now,

Care enough to sing your song
To tell your story
To boast of your triumphs 
To recount your grasping of the Angel at the base of the ladder

To share your regrets and losses,
Your hesitancies at the precipice of the abyss.

Our frontiers are reconnoitered by your story,
Our repertoire is increased by the song you sing,
Your fearsome Angel may not have been subdued,
The Abyss may not have yielded a single secret, but...
Still, -tell your story now. How long did you hold on?
Who blinked first, you or the Abyss?
Do not die with your music still in you, play your music now.

Do not carry either song or story with you into the abyss,

The Abyss does not care.
Care enough for those of us that remain
To tell your story now, while we can still hear it 
We will sing -and play -and write -and live.
We will author our own tale, sing our own song, all the better -if you,

Favor us with your singing and telling now.

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