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Welcome to the 10th Issue of The Prairie Review —grassroots laboratory for ideas, criticism, visual expression, and language. We are a small self-funded magazine, but it turns out we have a global audience!


In this May Issue, we feature an intriguing new project from Mark Young (Australia), prose of Ivan de Morbinson (France), poetry of Danica Lepojevikj (Macedonia), and Allen Nguyen (Canada / Vietnam) as well as critical writing of Stephen Gladwin. In addition to a collection of poetry by local, American writers. And, for those who do not know, the editor is Polish.


I want to continue putting emphasis on making space for people to experiment with various creative pursuits rather than merely have the magazine as a mere outlet to publish work. For this reason, I invest time and effort into performance-oriented events. A great group of people from the Poetry Meetup in Chicago contributed their talents and made our first live show an unforgettable and impactful experience. If you were there, you know it was great!


Keep making art, keep making culture —

Kinga Lipinska


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