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Happy 3rd Anniversary everyone – and welcome to the 9th issue of The Prairie Review! 


The magazine continues to showcase the intriguing work of grassroots artists and poets.


I started the magazine, because I want to encourage creativity as a way of life as well as fellowship and constructive collaboration among broad and varied outlooks. We are, of course, an entirely self funded, entirely indy publication.


In this issue, please spend time with the poems of Jessica Gavriolvski, Margo Christie, and others, as well as photography of Cristian Aluas, drawings of Mary Catherine Walter and reviews of Stephen Gladwin.


This year, I want to deepen TPR’s community art practice. Frequent performances and monthly open mic meetings will become a staple of group’s activities.


On a final note, read the bios of the contributors at the end. They are fun, inspiring, and so encouraging.


Keep Art Going! Keep Making!


Kinga Lipinska


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