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Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to The Prairie Review.

We publish four times a year - on the 28th of February, May, August and November. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We close issue submissions in the middle of the month of publication.

For consideration for the August 2023 issue, submit by August 15, 2023 (midnight).​ 

We request material that has not been published elsewhere. We prefer to focus on short forms: short fiction, short criticism (art and literary), and short commentaries. Maximum of about 500 words for prose writing. Translations are an exception. Poem submissions may be any length. We love diversity: video poems are most welcome, asemic writing, sound files, or other forms that capture a human moment of understanding or expression.​


We encourage all people, regardless of personal subject-position or orientation to experiment, experience and embrace art. We welcome artists willing to share themselves with the larger community. 

Please submit no more than four works at a time, and no less than 2. This does not apply to art submissions which may include a work of art in series (photography, drawing, collage). If you are submitting poetry:

  • all poems in one document (doc, docx, odt or pdf)

  • if you write poetry with particular spacing or formatting, please send both a pdf and a word-type file

  • only one poem per page

  • file name: last name, first name, 4 poems (or 2 poems, or 3 poems, whichever is correct)

  • submit only once in a submission period

Art may be submitted in your preferred format.

Email your submissions to

All submissions will be reviewed and considered. We endeavor to keep the wait period short.

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