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4 images | 4 poems

by Mark Young

Offworld peristalsis

together layer

Men's design is happening faster than

at any other time in short-term memory.


Everything in heaps, spilling out every-

where, a series of muscle contractions. 


Genre: Drum & Bass. Musicians: Robots 

designed to emulate the locomotion of 


worms. Most efficient response: Open a 

CMD prompt as administrator & execute


any relevant command. Usual outcome: A

black buildup in pipes. Poor water flow.

A line from Patti Smith

geographies Caniambo

People's attitudes are not 

stable, are always in a state 

of adjustment, subject to 

change by social influences.


A need is felt, free of chem-

icals, certified fair trade.

Handmade by myself. De-

cide on the color you want.

geographies: Calgary

geographies Cullulleraine

The horned parakeet looks like a

tiny green dragon. It also resembles


the common squirrel. The simplest

way to preserve such small species


is to put them, wings folded back, in

a glassine (stamp or coin) envelope.


A rolled up tiny piece of paper is put

in the opening of the envelope & set


alight, then allowed to drift out onto

the vast, often brown-colored, plain.

Via Dolorosa

Goya's Boy Toy

The wailing or 

the wall, rising 

clear out into 

a corona of 

crows' cries. Keys 

synchronized with 

paper shredders. 

Transcribe the 

debris. Un-

wanted amulets.

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