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Hello poets, readers, friends -

In anticipation of the National Poetry Month in April, several initiatives are in the works to celebrate our lives, vocations, and tribulations as writers, readers, people.

First and foremost, this letter to you is a call for entries - short prose, poetry, fictionalized non-fiction, non-fiction / diary, short drama, video, sound clip, photography - falling under A Day in the Life of a Poet creative umbrella.

Please keep in mind that while we love substance, we also prefer short form. And I have to say, in this case we are keen on substance / content rather than genre or medium in which you decide to exhibit your poetic identity. And yes, it must be about A Day in the Life of a Poet.

To celebrate poetry, writing, and poetic labors with its many joys, disappointments, failures, and ecstasies, we are going to do 30 entries for April - one for every day. We will be publishing entries that make it through our editorial coral reef in the Prairie Review - also, if you have not looked at the February edition of the magazine yet, here's a link: Home | The Prairie Review

Deadline for submissions: April 10 - although early entries are welcome as we plan publishing.

Prepare to receive weekly letters in April that will also be a part of our poetry festival this year.

Questions? Contact me at



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