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April 24, 2023_3 poems

by Leena Kizilbash

Contention Legislates

Liberal tension, common purposes approach differences with dialogue

Encased, evolved, empirical impact attitude, self as

Cusps foreclosed reaffirm collective homeostasis

Concept tracks struggle to mobilize

Search objects synchronized to public standards

Stages delve to conclusions, legacies in gilded frames.

Emotive ethics, aim, end, utility satisfaction

Cultic injunctions script and flavor

General impulse wills,

Intransigent principles glide, center, eclipse

Property of wills transmits auxiliary to variety

Beam drop tunnels driven to bureaucracy

Proscribed fulfillment instituted in debates.



Grafts jeer, whit, scribbles belittle, rhymes enlist.

Elegies indicate unwavering ways.

Transient concepts settle unevenly

glossed glossaries.

Jaws of learning clear stone-pits.

Podiums composed, podiums compose, effusion attended folds.

Alleyway of years.

Census unrolls cinder lakes.

Outbursts ostracized, revolt.

Frantic foundations

Muzzle mouthed imposters prosper.

Auction endeavors, struggles assign, allotted hope.

Initiative nudges exchange,

flame-lives of nano-time.



Shrink to covet, fissure, blind night traversed with palms

Place moments slip, probable risk, body blocks place print trace

In, close, mounting motto incidents, inept, awe, memorable remark

Mute muster of collectors enter assemblies of whispers

Polished wood, pressing, personal, public

Measurement of sway in monographs exact, inclusive, discounted

Knocks that crawl

Absorbed under, full.

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