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April 26, 2023_2 poems

by William Mollohan


the child in my soul

wants to cry

question cry argue fight

stories untold

I love you absent

warm toast dry

solid foundation salt-less

shackled spice cabinet

leash-less blank-page-manual

the child in my mental scrapbook

still rides

that bicycle without

friction restriction

restraint cares

hugs caresses

wanting wanted

while avoiding

inside or out there

were picnics black and white

fill the colors empty

crayon box

mannequins shadow puppets

silhouettes mimes ghosts

the child in my heart


echoes unheard

vibrates un-used

in a vacuum tube

seventeen-year-old cicada

in a Straight jacket



greetings from

a fellow Illini

class of 1981

out of date

by just one

millenium milenium milinium millenia

er, millennium

thank-you dear


ADVICE was picked


by Kenneyth Baker

our Meetup host

of an almost

double digit not jointed

though some may be

tokin' attendees crowding

each Tuesday 7:30pm PDT

a room temperature

welcome is hereby

extended to you

midwesternly and


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